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Inspiration and Hard Work

August 27, 2015

IMG_0115My dad used to say that art was 5 percent inspiration and 95 percent hard work. Since I have  a few talents that have helped me on my way, I disregarded him.

He wasn’t right that often, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. And in this he is right. It is easy to come up with ideas. Give me a silent room, a piece of paper, and I can come up with a number of them. The hard work is turning these ideas into poems, stories, or other art.

The discipline to sit down in front of the computer, ignore the seductive call of social media sites, and write on a blank screen takes discipline. In my case, I need to do it on a regular basis. Spurts of inspiration are nice actually. When I have a whole poem in my head, like Athena complete out of her father’s head, I am grateful for those moments. But, to do that, I have spent hours, days, and even years writing and juxtaposing ideas. Some of them creative and some of them from the mundane world.

If you think science is not creative, then you haven’t met the scientists that I know. When the creative brain is molded and structured, then chaos is ordered and art is formed. The creative brain is complete chaos. Chaos and order dance together to form a product. When either one of these forces are overbalanced than creativity is squashed. Can I tell you a secret? We are all creative. It shows from the moment we walk and talk. But we are not all creative in the same fields. Some art is in the writing and not the painting. Some art is in Science and not in formal Arts.

I fail spectacularly often.

I fail publicly.

Even though these little things I create are of my heart, I learned that they are imperfect, like me. Some of them can be improved. Some of them do not need to see the light of day. Most of them although deformed have some value.

So in this one thing, my dad was right. Hard work is the main component to my writing. Inspiration sits on my shoulder when I take the time to write.

Who should we be worried about impressing?

August 26, 2015

Cyn Bagley:

This post captures my feelings. Part of my problems with the Hugos is that you weren’t considered a “TruFan” unless you went to cons. It was what brought my attention to the Hugos. So yes, I agree.

Originally posted on madgeniusclub:

No, this isn’t a Hugo post, not really. Although I will admit that the Hugos, and every other award, played a hand in its creation. Frankly, I first started thinking about it 10 days or so ago when I saw a story about a pro football player who had taken away his children’s participation trophies. I was one of those parents who didn’t go ballistic over what he did because I understood his reasoning. He wanted to make sure his kids understood that it wasn’t enough to just participate. That was important but the truly important thing was putting in the work, trying your best and making the sacrifices necessary. It wasn’t all about winning but about doing your best and understanding that you aren’t always going to win.

So I can see folks already starting to think, “yeah, yeah, another sour grapes Hugo post.” Sorry, but no. I never…

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Finished Hilda’s Inn

August 25, 2015

Hildaebookcover2015finishedSo today I finished the edits on Hilda’s Inn. I may have to go back and look at the last chapter. I think it is a little weak.

This means that I will have this book ready for publishing near the end of October. I want to get this book to a beta reader in the next week or so.

Anyway, it has taken me too long to get this written.

I am planning on a couple of short stories and to work on the second novel in the EJ Hunter’s world.

So good intentions and all that–

Another couple of tales from Joe at the GKTC

August 18, 2015

Friends, readers, gentle alien beings–

I finally finished two stories in the GKTC (Green Knight Terraforming Company) world with Joe and Donald with a new friend, Ms. Frigg, that has Joe off-balance.

I dedicate these two stories to my late hubby, Otto Tune, who would have done many of the same things Joe does, but in the end always fixes the problem.

On the business side I am playing with preorder with Amazon. If you liked Joe before in the first story, then you’ll enjoy him again.


Release Date: September 15, 2015

Late Payment and If You Should Choose This Mission

“Most customers are extremely satisfied with the job The Green Knight Terraforming Company does to refurbish their planets. However, when there is a problem and a customer complains, then the human Joe called Tiny by his team is the person who is sent to solve the customer’s problems. Joe’s backup muscle, Donald, is there for those tiny problems like when Joe touches before he looks.

Joe, Donald, the lab animals, and pilot drones are a rollicking bunch of troubleshooters. One hundred percent guaranteed to fix any customer problem or if that doesn’t work– fix the customer.

Here are two new short stories in the Green Knight Terraforming Company universe.”


Why Give Indie a Try

July 29, 2015

Originally posted on madgeniusclub:

I didn’t forget my post day. I forgot what day today is.  This is partly because I’m still feeling like “every day is Sunday” after we finished the heavy part of the house, and partly because today is a wee bit crazy.  We just took a load of hazardous waste (paint, mostly) to the local facility, and we’re now getting ready to go to the eye doctor (which is actually a good thing.  I think we’ll all agree it will be better if I can write without squinting at the screen and confusing os and es.) Also, I have the Hugo voting to do, I’ve got my country’s 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it; I’m swamped.

So, what can I do that is useful to you on short notice?

Well, recently I had the opportunity to discuss indie…

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The Flesh Thing

July 22, 2015

Cyn Bagley:

I have been dealing with this type of tiredness over twelve years now.

Originally posted on According To Hoyt:

Yesterday older son and I were talking while driving back from Denver from looking at apartments for him, and we agreed this being dragged around in a vehicle of flesh is a pain in the behind.  Because with the drive to Denver and some duties still at the other house (such as being there for handymen and such) we’re netting about viewing an apartment a day.

In fact, he says, the whole apartment thing is a nuisance, because he should be able to just send his mind over to attend classes, of course.

In my case, this is more critical because of course the flesh thing is no longer working all too well, so it keeps giving out on me when I least expect it to.

This is to say that now that we punted back from working in the house 12 hours a day to about 3 hours in…

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He would have been 68 today

July 8, 2015

Out_house_useage_Last night I knew today would be a punch in the gut. My late-hubby, Otto, would have been 68 today.

There were a few tears when I woke up about 4 a.m. this morning after a restless night.

Instead of thinking of his death, I want to think of his life. This picture shows that smile that made me love him. And yes, the inappropriate picture to prove that he did know how to use an outhouse.

Now if I could just remember his jokes– although most of them are inappropriate as well. He liked to get me with this one.

If you call a guy who works in the matshop a matman,
What do you call a woman who works in a matshop?

(a mattress)

(Matshop means maintenance shop btw)

So yea, I miss the easy laughs and just lying my head on his shoulders with his arms around me. I never thought I’d say that I miss his jokes.


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