Earth Needs Women – a blast from the past from November 2010

Earth Needs Women

According To Hoyt


*Forgive me for running blasts from the past on both blogs today, but for various reasons — okay, mostly cats and doctors. Someday I’ll tell you the story, it’s hilarious — I only slept 3 hours last night, which came on top of spending the afternoon/evening very worried.  Then today (Tuesday, late night) was a round of doctors. I managed to finish ONE grossly overdue short story, which is nothing short of a miracle as exhausted as I am. Tomorrow I finish the LAST overdue short story and can at last return to the novels. So forgive me for this one, but honestly it’s so old you probably don’t remember it. -SAH*

Earth Needs Women – a blast from the past from November 2010

No, this is not the obligatory ecological post. Today, in the car on the way from dinner (not cooking at Thanksgiving is logical when you have…

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The Writer Against The Forces Of Evil Jan 2020

Fighting the Forces of Evil

According To Hoyt


When last we saw our heroine, in her battle against the forces of evil, understood as “things that prevent her from writing fiction”, she had made the valiant resolution of writing a lot.

To such purpose she’d enlisted The Mathematician (A figure of mythical dread — also hotness (it might be inferred she plied him with her wiles!))


— whose principal power is super-human abilities of scheduling and organization) and he’d deployed the near-mythical (in our heroine’s world at least) …. spreadsheet.



The very name causes our heroine to shudder, since the idea of caging THE Writing is almost sacrilegious. Also, it doesn’t work very well.

However, given the fifty some novels in her head and if she doesn’t get them out, she’s probably going to forget which of the voices behind her eyes is her actual own voice. Which would be a bad thing. A very bad…

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Settled into the New Year

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It is only the second week into the new year and I am already being hit with some medical realities. My little dog had some problems after Christmas and I had to start her on some fish oil and Cosequin. After talking to the vet, her liver proteins are too high, she is now on a medication that is milk thistle for her liver.

Then my sister found out she had cancer. She is going through the diagnostic process. It seems to be moving fast from our point of view so she might be on radiation this week.

For me I am preparing for dialysis. I’m in that between stage where I might have problems and then I might get better. I’ve managed to survive this year without dialysis. I would prefer to stay in this in-between stage.

Because of all this, I am not too interested in the political primary debates and whatever stuff both parties are doing.

I did start writing again. This time I gave myself a small goal (write every day) with no pressure on finishing anything. I do have a short story that I need to edit before putting it up. Already have a cover for it. Last year just wasn’t a good year for writing or editing.

I am crocheting a lot as well. I do small hats and scarfs for a group in my apartment complex. The stuff we finish we donate. I get some chatter time with a few ladies and it keeps my fingers moving. I seem to be quite the crocheter. I’ve been able to knit at least one beanie per day while watching South Park. 

My thoughts today are mostly on survival. After seventeen years of dealing with vasculitis and kidney disease, I’ve learned that I survive better when I feel I have a purpose.


Current writing project excerpt

“Welcome,” said the frail creaky woman on the porch. She rocked back and forth on the old-fashioned wooden rocking chair. I could see the bluish tint to her hair and the frail bones of her wrist. As she rocked the boards on the porch creaked. 

I opened the gate and walked through, sighing. I should have known. When I looked behind me, I couldn’t see the street or my bike. It was black and dark behind me. 

“Want a blueberry muffin?” she asked. 

I sat on the porch step next to her feet and took a muffin. They tasted just like the ones I had eaten at home, yea just like Rose’s creations. I bit down and tasted the blueberries. I didn’t see the old woman get out of her chair. She must have because minutes later I was handed a cup of coffee.

“Before you ask,” said the old woman. The pattern of her rocking chair calmed me. I listened to the creaks and drank the coffee. The slightly bitter taste stung my tongue. “We are in a pocket dimension.”

She brought me here, yada, yada, yada to rescue a princess. Then I would live happily ever after, after I killed the dragon, which was probably the princess’ mother and regained the throne. I was about to say no, when the old woman snorted.

“You’re thoughts are not that interesting. I don’t have a princess, dragon, or even a  throne that needs saving. I just want you to find my keys.”

Before I could tell her no. Plus my mouth was still full, she whistled. It was as creaky as the rocking chair. A young goat came trotting around the house. It jumped onto the porch and butted my leg. The old woman patted the young goat on the head.

“My keys were stolen by a gnome and I need them back right away. Miss Goat will lead you to the right dimension and then you’ll bring the keys back to me.”

“Just a minute,” I said. I set the coffee cup down on the porch. “I haven’t accepted your commission. Plus what are you going to pay me? I accept dollars and credit cards.” I looked around the yard. “I don’t trade in favors and boons.”

The quiet became intense and the sky around me clouded. When I looked into the old woman’s eyes, I saw a red glint in them. She wasn’t as frail as she was pretending. I could see that if I made her mad I would find myself in ashes. The old woman opened her mouth and showed me her sharpened teeth. In the back of my hind-brain I could almost remember the stories of this woman who was the terror of the battlefield. Young children were threatened with her name into being good.

I shuddered slightly as she smiled at me. “Okay,” I growled. “I will accept a boon.”

Happy New Year 2020

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Happy New Year!!! Wishing you all success and happiness this year.

I went through my resolutions of last year and the only one I managed to do was to move out of my last apartment. So my writing goals died a violent death last year. Even Nanowrimo lasted about a week for me before I started to have other health problems.

I’ve been thinking about why my writing didn’t go well last year. I can blame a number of experiences of last year including a couple deaths of people close to me or I can blame my health and fatigue, or even the dying of my computer, but I won’t.

Today, I think my main goal is to write every day at least 250-500 words. My second resolution is to write a series, which means more than three books in the same world. I have three stories that have been bugging me. They are in a world of violent change when two dimensions are thrown together due to the  Hadron Collider research. The world that is taking over our industrial world is an agrarian world of magic. I guess that I am writing about the clash between cultures. And yes, hybrids.

Sarah A. Hoyt wrote a post Welcome to the Year of Go Big or Go Home.  If you are another writer, she has had an epiphany about indie publishing. I am going to take her advice. It is to write series of short books in the same world. Indie publishing is now the pulp fiction of publishing. I think that is a good thing.

Plus I like the thought of writing pulp fiction. I read a lot of it growing up. So I will start with small goals and hope that my health problems will not interfere in what I am trying to do this year.

So make your goals and have fun this year. That’s what I’m going to do.

Nanowrimo Day #1

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I’m sitting in my new craft-slant-writing room.

Foxy is sitting in her baby blue flannel dog bed, listening to my Nanowrimo music that I put together in 2011. I still write best listening to a few of the songs that remind me of my Navy and Germany days like Heart and Sarah Brightman.

Eventually I’ll get a desktop for my day-to-day writing. Right now I’ve got a chrome notebook with a logitech keyboard. I haven’t gotten the knack for typing on a laptop keyboard. I keep hitting the search button with my little finger. I type better than I write with a pen. The other day while I was writing, I felt the pen fall from my right hand. I think the fall I had in early October caused some problems with my wrist. Oh well, I’m typing at the same rate of speed as normal.

Instead of listening to a podcasts, I don’t watch much normal TV anymore, I am listening to my own head. I’m tired of the nonsense in the news. I’m tired of it all. I’ll be glad when the presidential election is over “again.” Too much noise out there.

I noticed that when I feel my head with the “noise” that writing becomes more difficult. I was thinking the other day that I wish my writing was more like Anne Bishop. I reread her “Others” series about the class between humans and an older group of sentient species. Without giving much about the story, the sentient others look at humans as “meat.” The story is about how some humans were able to become more than meat to another group of others.

What makes her writing so appealing to me is that no matter what Bishop writes, I fall into the world she has built. I’ve read this series three times now, and I still can’t stop and critic how she writes. I am beginning to see that even the descriptions are written in the character.

I’ve been reading my entire life. I used to read Andre Norton as an early teenager. Those stories fit my life experience and gave me hope that one day I would live my life without being under someone’s authoritarian thumb… whether it was my parents or another human.

My late-hubby, even during my serious illnesses, was a partner and not a king. I was his partner and not a queen. There is a big difference between being in charge and pulling together in the same harness. We live in a world that is several degrees away from nature so we don’t have to be as cooperative as when we had to grow and kill our own food. Still cooperation is to me the better way to live.

It’s been a long time since I had to grow food and kill chickens. It has been a long time since I had to weed gardens and milk goats. So I am not nostalgic of past years. I am nostalgic of humans who are independent with a strength of mind to survive the hard knocks that are thrown at them.

So I as I write I hope that I can write at least half as good as Anne Bishop and Andre Norton so that someone else may be influenced to take charge of their own life and live that life with joy.

Greetings– earth slaves

Unimpressed alien-270215“The earth slave known as Cyn is under our control. I repeat our control.

If you want her back, we have demands. Put down all of your weapons and and follow the green line.

You will be processed in a timely manner. Everything will be fine. I repeat everything will be fine.”


Sorry about that folks. I haven’t been under an evil spell or kidnapped by aliens. I haven’t been pulled into a dimensional rift. I’ve simply been moving and dealing with real-world problems including a bit of mental tiredness. Also some grief–I lost a friend and a father this year.

Lately I’ve been watching a few UFO documentaries. One that caught my interest was about UFOs that are being reported by Navy pilots in the waters south of California. I suppose that I have to be fascinated with UFO sightings since I have lived near Area 51 for a few years.

Even though we had a recent “UFO Festival” near Rachel, NV with the express purpose of trespassing into Area 51, I personally think the “secret” base there is not as important as it was in past years. The pilots do a lot of training in the desert in that area. (It is a huge amount of land that is held by the federal government.)

We are more likely to be shook by secret underground nuclear testing than to see strange flying objects.

I swear on my honor that the little green thing under my foot has not influenced me in any way. I swear.

Cross my heart and hope to die.