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EJ Hunter Plot Twists and other dark matters

September 29, 2015

dark moon risingSo I am twenty thousand words into Dark Moon Rising and I hit a plot twist. In my mind it is a snag of swirling limbs, and I am not sure what kind of plot twist would be good.

Of course the hero must fail or at the very least send her on another path. In this second book, I am dealing with two heroes… or more, which is confusing in some ways, EJ who was my main character in “She Called It, Wolf” is following a secondary plot line.

The main plot line follows Mari and Owen who are searching for  the antagonist. Mari has already been attacked. If I remember correctly,  the secondary plot line echoes the first one. And yes, I am trying to work it out in my head. I repeat, Mari has already been attacked. So EJ needs to be attacked. But I think instead of being hurt physically, she will need to be abducted and lose her support system. In the first book she does better when she is doing her own thing.

Plus she is stifled when she has to rely on too many helpers. This will make Adam, her mate, very angry. And, he will follow her despite the impact to his pack.

Plus Mari needs to be led on a false trail. She is a tracker of the mind. A very powerful tracker. Her soon-to-be mate is also a tracker, but better with his nose. A werewolf.

So now I am seeing another few chapters. Thanks everyone… I was stumped.

Definitely this is how my mind works. If you’re mind works this way… give me a comment. I would love to talk to you… Also, it will make me feel like a little less insane.

BTW I will probably change the cover some– We’ll see. But that will happen when I am in edit mode and cover mode.

Blank Page

September 21, 2015

So I wanted today to be a good writing day. I was able to sit down and pound out 1K. I get up every hour or two to stretch my legs, drink water for my kidneys, and clear my head.

When I went to sit down to start again, I went through the I don’t wanna stage. I felt dry of ideas. I got up and looked for things to do in the house. I have paperwork that needs to be filed and shredded. I felt the I don’t wanna in my bones.

Yesterday, I did a good housecleaning– washed the floors, cleared off the tables except in my work room, and washed the dishes– etc, etc. I felt like I accomplished something.

So I guess I need a recharge day. Eat lunch first. Go for a walk, maybe. Maybe I really need a nap. This morning my stomach just didn’t want food and now I am ravenous. Dang– that is probably the problem.

When I write, I sometimes forget what my body needs. And sometimes it needs movement, sometimes food, and sometimes it just needs some quiet time.


What is Human Wave

September 20, 2015

Since I am part of a group of writers who are trying to make stories interesting, entertaining, and uplifting in some way, I am reblogging a post from Cedar Sanderson about Human Wave. This was first defined by Sarah A. Hoyt in 2012.

I have written literary in my lifetime. In my humble opinion Human Wave writing has opened up an entirely new way of thinking. Many of the writers who write this way, I would recommend even though they are not big names yet.

May this information help you with your writings. Yesterday I was thinking of my late-hubby (he died one year ago). Today I will be writing on Dark Moon Rising.

How to write Human Wave:

1 – Your writing should be entertaining.  If you’re writing for the awards and the literary recognition, you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd. (Does the other crowd have a tiny raccoon in a kilt?  Or even a quilt?  Think!)

2 – Your writing shouldn’t leave anyone feeling like they should scrub with pumice  or commit suicide by swallowing stoats for the crime of being human, or like humans are a blight upon the Earth, or that the future is dark, dreary, evil and fraught with nastiness, because that’s all humans can do, and woe is us.

3 – Your writing should not leave anyone feeling ashamed of being: male, female, western, non-western, sickly, hale, powerful, powerless.  It should use characters as characters and not as broad groups that are then used to shame other groups.  Fiction is not agit prop.

4- Your writing shouldn’t be all about the message.  You can, of course, have a message.  But the message should not be the be-all end-all of the novel.  If it is, perhaps you should be writing pamphlets.

5 – You shall not commit grey goo.  Grey goo, in which characters of indeterminate moral status move in a landscape of indeterminate importance towards goals that will leave no one better or worse off is not entertaining.  (Unless it is to see how the book bounces off the far wall, and that has limited entertainment.  Also, I’m not flinging my kindle.)

6 – Unless absolutely necessary you will have a positive feeling to your story.  By this we don’t mean it will have a happy ending or that we expect pollyanish sentiments out of you.  Your novel and setting can be as dystopic as you want it.  In fact, your character can die at the end.  Just make sure he goes down fighting and dies for something, so the reader doesn’t feel cheated.

7 – You will write in language that can be understood.  You will have an idea of what your story is about, or at least of its beginning, middle and end.  And so will your reader, once he reads it.

8 – You are allowed to write scientific speculation that counters “currently established fact” – just give us a reason why that makes sense in your universe.  (For some universes it can be highly whimsical, for others you’ll need serious handwavium.)

9 – You will not be boring.  Or at least you’ll do your best not to be boring.

10 – You shall not spend your life explaining why your not-boring is better than your fellow writers not-boring.  Instead you will shut up and write.

And this is the original manifesto, for fiction that entertains, is inclusive, diverse, and above all,healthy. 

You are allowed to write escapist science fiction – or fantasy.  Sometimes we just need a good read.  If it doesn’t have a big idea but is enjoyable, it’s still a worthy endeavor.

You are allowed to write as much as you wish.  In the new limitless market we see no reason to artificially restrict your output.  Anyone who thinks quality depends on how long something took to write has never known either professional writers or struggling middle-graders.

You are allowed to write first person.  You are also allowed to write second person, third person, and in persons yet to be invented.  As long as your work is entertaining, we hold you harmless in matters relating to verbal malfeasance.

If your world building holds internal consistency, at least according to the buying public, anyone objecting because it doesn’t conform to his or her idea of a future shall be pelted with soft boiled eggs and wear the yolk of shame.

Your objective is to sell books.  Writing is communication.  Your objective is to communicate with as many people as possible.  Or at least to amuse them, distract them, or make the burden of life less burdensome for a while.  Wishing to feed your family is also an acceptable goal.

You can write male heroes.  You can write female heroes.  You can write alien heroes.  You can write human heroes.  You can write western heroes.  You can write non-western heroes.  You can write squirrel-heroes (but you have to know you’re weird.)  You can write it in a boat, you can write it with a goat (but which end do you hold on the paper?) You can write it in a moat (but it will probably drip) and you can write it on a stoat.

You can have a happy ever after.  You can have a happy for a while.  You can have a fleeting happy.  It’s your happy and you can have it if you want to.

You can write action and plot oriented books.  (Who will stop you?  You’ve researched fighting techniques, right?)

You can write sex.  Or not.  It all depends what fits the plot.  You can even write sex with a robot.

You can write politics.  You can write them from the right, from the left, from the middle, the top, the bottom or everywhere at once.  Just remember to make them fit the plot.  And remember not to infodump.

On the borderlands

September 16, 2015

Lately I have been tired. I mean that tired that goes deep in the bone and interferes with thinking. There are reasons for this. My kidneys are border Stage V (meaning the GFR is 33). GFR is a test that shows how good the kidneys are working. GFR 35 is officially Stage V kidney disease.

I do a lot of things to keep my kidneys stable. I eat fresh food, distill my own water, and walk twice a day. Plus I watch my blood pressure and take pills to keep my blood pressure low. Low blood pressure can also cause tiredness and so can the pills.

Another part of my problem is my disease… I found the government is now calling it a condition… which considering calling it a condition is not accurate. It is a disease. At this point I am in stable condition, but only because I take chemo, rest when I need to, avoid viruses and colds, and large crowds. If there is an infectious disease in a crowd, it will find me. So all of these things are vital to keeping me stable. If I don’t do them, I find myself either on higher chemo like cychlophosphamide or in the hospital, which is even more dangerous for me.

The pills for keeping my immune system suppressed also cause this tiredness. Think of taking oral chemo for the rest of your life. Every time I take a pill, my stomach gets nauseous for an hour or two. It slows my walk. If I don’t take a pill the inflammation in my body can go unchecked. I have been to the point where every joint and muscle in my body hurt. Since I was not allowed to take a pain pill, I would put the pain way above ten.

So I am careful of all these things. I am walking a knife’s edge. Just the other day I was told that I should get a job like my last one. The last time I was stable I had a job as a Loan Officer over ten years ago. I was stable. My kidneys went to Stage V. My disease flared and I was on cychlophosphamide for six months. It took five years to get stable again. I was on prednisone for over ten years.

I have been off prednisone for almost two years. To be on prednisone that long causes damage to the muscles, how your body uses fat, and joints. Because of the medication, I now have fibromyalgia, gout, and other conditions. Because of the medication, I am losing teeth.

I took a long look in the mirror today. I could see why others think I am in perfectly good health. I really look good for a 54 year old woman. I even look younger than most. My signs of disease are not obvious. But they are there — the tiredness in the eyes and the bags under the same eyes.

I have dropped from exhaustion, like having my puppet strings cut. I didn’t know I was that tired.

I was reading that Flannery O’Connor also had a chronic illness, lupus. I had wondered where she got her inspiration when I read her in college. It was hard for me to get into her writings. Since I now have chronic systemic illness, I read her work differently.

She walked on the borderlands before me. I am walking them now.


Happy Release Day – Late Payment

September 15, 2015

GKTC2015ebookcover1So today is the day, that my two short stories: Late Payment and If You Should Chose This Mission are live on Amazon. These are new stories with Joe and Donald, two intrepid representatives who fix technical, physical, and customer problems, when terraforming goes awry.

Just because I am such a nice person (this is the same as saying trust me), I have the first story The Green Knight Terraforming Company free for the next two days.

We first meet Joe when he is being attacked by several blades of grass.

If you want to go paperback, the three stories are bundled in Green Knight Terraforming Company. I didn’t manage to get the paperback online at the same time as the release date. I will have to do better timing next time.

So please enjoy these stories. Thank you in advance for leaving a review.

Recommended Reading from the Shadows

September 13, 2015

I just read a short story by a newer writer, James Schardt How the Mighty Have Fallen. I really wish I could find more of his writings because there were moments of brilliance in this story.

It is a fantasy legal thriller. The narrator, a lawyer, sees a murder committed in the Inn where he was staying for the night. He talks to the innkeeper, the murderer, and the justice of that area to find out the entire story.

It is a compelling little story. The writer has a lot of potential. Plus I hope to see more of his writings one day.

So this little gem is on KU or 99 cents on Amazon.

On That Day

September 11, 2015

Cyn Bagley:

I remember that day. I was in Germany at the time.

Originally posted on According To Hoyt:


It was a beautiful September day — no, not that one.  I was 9 years old and very excited about the Olympic games in Munich.  My dad had told me — I have mentioned, somewhere, right that my dad is an idealist, a dreamer, always ready to believe the best of people and institutions — that the Olympic games were a way for the whole world to come together in peace.  For a child of the Cold War, this was an important symbol.

And then the illusion was shattered by Black September.

It was a beautiful September day.  I was 38 (corrected the age.  You know there are ages you attribute things to?  Well, the year I turned 33 is one of those.  Ridiculous of course, since that’s when I had younger son.) and just the week before I’d thought “these are the best years of my life.”  My husband…

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