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Hero of Corsindor Revised and Updated


Novels & Novellas: 

Hero of Corsindor: Revised and Updated

EJ Hunter Pack

Short Novels

Billy the Kid

Urban Werewolf

Diamond Butterfly


EJ Hunter

She Called It, Wolf

Dark Moon Rising

Hilda’s Inn

Hilda’s Inn for Retired Heroes

Dragon Boy

Unlicensed Sorceress (coming soon)

Sci-fi Shorts and Novellas

Dussel and Ariel (coming soon)

Green Knight Terraforming Company

If you should choose this mission

Late Payment

Percy Doyle’s Travelling Space Market

Short Stories and Collections

The Case of the Golden Seed

A Desert Rescue


Ghostly Glimmers

The Grotto

Hidden in the Sierras: a were-bear story

I’m a Flasher & Too

It’s all about Survival

Land of Gehenna

Santa’s Boots

The Scorpion’s Voice

Smoke and Mirrors

The Utter Truth

Warp and Weft

White Snows of Russia

Biography and Poetry Collections

In the Shadow of Death: Reflections on a Chronic Illness

A Flicker of Hope: Poems Written by a Wegener’s Granulomatosis Survivor

Sonnet Playground

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