Greetings– earth slaves

Unimpressed alien-270215“The earth slave known as Cyn is under our control. I repeat our control.

If you want her back, we have demands. Put down all of your weapons and and follow the green line.

You will be processed in a timely manner. Everything will be fine. I repeat everything will be fine.”


Sorry about that folks. I haven’t been under an evil spell or kidnapped by aliens. I haven’t been pulled into a dimensional rift. I’ve simply been moving and dealing with real-world problems including a bit of mental tiredness. Also some grief–I lost a friend and a father this year.

Lately I’ve been watching a few UFO documentaries. One that caught my interest was about UFOs that are being reported by Navy pilots in the waters south of California. I suppose that I have to be fascinated with UFO sightings since I have lived near Area 51 for a few years.

Even though we had a recent “UFO Festival” near Rachel, NV with the express purpose of trespassing into Area 51, I personally think the “secret” base there is not as important as it was in past years. The pilots do a lot of training in the desert in that area. (It is a huge amount of land that is held by the federal government.)

We are more likely to be shook by secret underground nuclear testing than to see strange flying objects.

I swear on my honor that the little green thing under my foot has not influenced me in any way. I swear.

Cross my heart and hope to die.

State of the Writer 2018

cyn bagley and victoria 2018Last year was more about crafts and family, then about writing. This little girl in my arms, Victoria Bagley, was born premature last year. I first met her on Christmas Eve.

This year I saw her for a few minutes when her family came to make sure I was well after a bout of diverticulitis. She is so big and strong. She was tired and just a little cranky because it was past her bedtime.

I know that I get that way around 9 p.m. No more late nights for me.

I had big plans last year for writing. In my goals I wanted to complete four books. It was a very ambitious goal and I didn’t make it this year.

I had some black months where I was afraid that I would be on dialysis. This kind of did a number on my writing, so I went for some help. I got into a group with the VA that talked about various skills for relieving pain and emotional distress. It was helpful and while I was re-learning how to meditate, my creativity began to knock on the door again.

This creativity actually went to crafting instead of writing. I have to apologize to my friend, Doris Mace, because she looks forward to my new stories. This meant that I wrapped plastic candy canes and tree ball ornaments in homespun. I made a homespun garland and fabric stars. The crafts gave me a push to start writing again.

What I did complete last year was a revised and update “Hero of Corsindor,” which will be released on January 4, 2019.51u6nlnj6kl

This novel was the first one I had ever written so it really did need to be revised. Since I wrote this one, I have become more proficient in both description and story.

Illness has been a big thing this year again. I ended up in the hospital for diverticulitis. Apparently it was a bad infection and I was given some strong general antibiotics. I’m also recovering from the antibiotics.

So as I reflected on this year, I decided to be a little more practical. I am over halfway done with “Unlicensed Sorceress,” which is my next goal to get done for the year.

Then I want to work on Xandra Peel, an ogre-human hybrid in a post-crash world.

I will finish a couple of shorter novel/stories for publication. One is Dussel and Ariel and another is in the Green Knight Terraforming World.

My other goal is to write every day. I want to write at least 500 words a day at the very least.

I have said this before, but writing keeps me stable and drains my brain swamp. I used to have night terrors and vivid dreams. I would wake sweaty and shaking. My heartbeat going 100 mph. When I write, the dreams recede into the mists.

If you wonder where I get my ideas, other writers have muses and wells where they get theirs. Mine are contained in a swamp that has a warning sign, “Here be Dragons.”

If you have enjoyed any of my writings, please review my books. I would be even more joyful if you bought a few.

Thank you for coming to my Shadowland. I’d show you around, but I need to do some more swamp draining.


State of the Writer

Hero of Corsindor 2018-2The last week I have been making edits. I have to thank Doris Mace for looking through my manuscript. Many years ago she used to do this for a living. Nowadays she does it for me because she really enjoys reading my work. I’m pretty grateful.

I have to admit that when I am in the heat of the story, I lose things like prepositions. My adverbs love to wander through the verbs willy-nilly. Also since I grew up in the rural West, my “to be” verbs get turned around. Even after earning a English Literature degree, I still wonder if I should have used was or were.

However, I am proud to say that “Hero of Corsindor” is now on Amazon for pre-orders. It will be released on January 4, 2019. This gives me time to re-look at the formatting for the paperback. I should interject that I had to change my word processing program for novel formatting. I was burned out for two days afterward. At this point, I don’t think Word is the program I want to stick with on novel formatting. I used to use Indesign. I love that program, but I don’t love the monthly subscription.

Anyway, in the next couple of months, I’ll put together a release party. If any one here would like to do a release of this book on their blog, please contact me at cynbagley @

unlicensed sorceress 2017This is the project that I am working on now. It is the third book in the Hilda Inn’s series. Hilda is in Koenigstadt and finds out that she is not allowed, by pain of imprisonment, to practice magic without being trained at the University. No one is interested in her problems with Lord Barton except a group of youngsters. These youngsters will one day rule.

If you remember Hilda doesn’t know how to read, which is not so bad if you are a mercenary, but is really bad if you are a mage. Plus she is older and has the aches that come from overusing your body at a young age.

I’m at 35,000 words so far and hope to have this written by the end of December, “god willing and the creek don’t rise.” Or in my case, barring any cold, flu, or pneumonia taking me down.

Relief and chugging along

action cold dark dawn

Photo by Pixabay on

It was a huge relief yesterday when the nephrologist decided that I had gotten a slight bit better and was firmly in Stage IV kidney disease.

If I slide into Stage V then it is time for dialysis. So I dodged the dialysis train again.

It looks like it was dehydration that got me this summer. When I started to drink more, my kidneys started to work better again. It was a dry summer. I do have a limit on how much liquid I can take in because of the insufficient kidney function. So we learned, both the doctor and I, that I need more water when it is very hot and very dry.

On my writing, I finished “Hero of Corsindor” and it is now at the beta readers. Once I get it back and do edits, I will start the publishing part of the book. For now I am going over what I have already written on “Unlicensed Sorceress.” After my writing session with Dean W. Smith (he does writing classes on line for any writer who wants to write great fiction), I realized that I was shorting the descriptions of places and people.

So everything I wrote on “Unlicensed Sorceress” needs some more description, better words, etc. etc. I’ve got a goal to write every day. Sometimes when there is a day like yesterday, I am too tired to do it. I’ve learned that driving to an appointment (30 to 45 minutes), then listening to the doctor can wear me out faster than when I work at home.

Plus the relief– I was a rag doll by the time I got home yesterday.

So I am back to writing, listening to music, cleaning my house, and cuddling the dog.

Cel-e-brate good times

Hero of Corsindor 2018-2 It’s a celebration (Kool & the Gang)

I’m excited, happy, and if I can come up with a few more synonyms you can insert them here.

I’ve finished “Hero of Corsindor” yesterday. In the next few days the book will be in the hands of my beta readers.

I treated myself yesterday to some plastic candy canes and bells for Christmas crafts. It seems that since I started back on my crafts and stitchery, my writing has also increased.

Today I will be starting back on “Unlicensed Sorceress,” the third book Hilda’s Inn. At this time I am not sure the deadline. The tentative deadline is the end of December.

The reason I say tentatively is that I may end up dealing with a few more health problems this year that center around the kidneys. But that is the future and it hasn’t happened yet.

As for Tuesday Snippet, I will be giving snippets of “Unlicensed Sorceress.” If you now have a taste for Hero of Corsindor, I will announce the publishing date here.

Thanks for reading. I’m on to the next book.