New Journey

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I had my last appointment yesterday for my pre-kidney transplant list. My transplant coordinator called me last night because he needed a copy of my dental exam. Thankfully I still had that one and could send it to him.

So this week my paperwork will be in front of the Medical Board and if they don’t find anything suspicious, I will be on the kidney transplant list. From this point on, I will be waiting.

It means that I am still on dialysis for the future and I’ll be seeing my doctors every few months for other problems that I am keeping under control.

I’ll be taking my dog for her exam in the middle of November so I am crossing my fingers and hoping her enlarged liver won’t be causing her too many problems.

So today and tomorrow while I am dehydrating my blueberries, I will write a new list of things I want to do in the next few months.

I’m taking a deep breathe.

It seems like I would never get all the tests done, and now I have.

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