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I can’t overstate it, but this has been a rough year for all of us. So in the spirit of the season, (Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, and Kwanzaa) I am writing a list of the books I am reading. It’s my gift to you.

  1. Silent Knight– Robb Howell I just finished reading this one a few days ago. It has a slight noir flair and is fun and interesting. Robb is one of the newer writers I decided to sample this year. I want to read more and he has assured me that he has more about Nick Patara in the works.
  2. The Cute Moose – Cedar Sanderson Cedar is one of those writers that is very creative. She mostly writes fantasy, but this time she has written a children’s book. I liked it so much that I sent a copy to my three-year-old niece.
  3. Cool as Ice – (Wine of the Gods series) Pam Uphoff I met Pam through Sarah A. Hoyt. This is one of Pam’s later books in the Wine of the Gods series. I suggest going to book one of the series and read right through. It is a very fun read and has both elements of science and fantasy. I read her books as soon as she publishes them.
  4. Familiar Tales – (Familiar Tales series) Alma T.C. Boykin Actually I am really invested in this series. I really like book 2, which is the start of Leila’s story. I’m really into this series right now.
  5. Deep Pink – Sarah A Hoyt Another noir like story with a funny twist. Also, go look at her sci-fi. It is really really really good.

There are many more authors I like to read, but at this moment I’m on a noir fantasy kick. And just to be fair, here is one of my older offerings for Christmas–

Santa’s Boots

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