Getting Ahead On the 2021 Bingo Card

Some thoughts on the year ahead.

According To Hoyt

A friend just sent me this and it so perfectly accords with my feelings, I had to share. I mean, I COULD suffer alone, but why?

Proposed 2021 Calendar-

January– War with Interdimensional aliens

February- Vampires reveal themselves as having been real all the time, and explain that they are in a drawn out battle with the Fey.

March– General Trump leads a contingent of Jager Robots against dopplegangers from another timeline that merges with ours.

April– The great old ones lead a dark army against the aliens. Humans unsure as to why we’re not the priority.

June- The great emperors of China, now arisen in a combined single soul calling itself, roughly, the High Lord, attempt to attack with an army of zombies while nobody is looking.

July- Things get very strange here.

August- Pope Trump, emperor of Saturn, ascends after defeating his predecessor in single…

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