Moons and shadows

Recently I decided to put my creative writing on You can find my poetry and current stories here.

I’m putting up a lot of the old poems I wrote before my illness and some new ones that I have written recently. Also I’ve decided to put a free chapter of my Work in Progress. The rest of the chapters will be under a pay wall. I’m trying to make a little on the side so I can edit and eventually publish the rest of my stories.

I will still keep this site as a blog. I’ve found that I am much better at writing than vlogging. Maybe it has to do with the camera on this computer or maybe because I just prefer to write, but you won’t find much from me in the video area.

Soon I will probably start looking for a place to put my domain name. At this point between dialysis and other illnesses I haven’t had the ambition to do much more than to hit the social sites.

Also you can find me at parler @cynbagley and at mewe as cynthiabagley.

Keep writing and Happy Thanksgiving.

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