Settled into the New Year

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It is only the second week into the new year and I am already being hit with some medical realities. My little dog had some problems after Christmas and I had to start her on some fish oil and Cosequin. After talking to the vet, her liver proteins are too high, she is now on a medication that is milk thistle for her liver.

Then my sister found out she had cancer. She is going through the diagnostic process. It seems to be moving fast from our point of view so she might be on radiation this week.

For me I am preparing for dialysis. I’m in that between stage where I might have problems and then I might get better. I’ve managed to survive this year without dialysis. I would prefer to stay in this in-between stage.

Because of all this, I am not too interested in the political primary debates and whatever stuff both parties are doing.

I did start writing again. This time I gave myself a small goal (write every day) with no pressure on finishing anything. I do have a short story that I need to edit before putting it up. Already have a cover for it. Last year just wasn’t a good year for writing or editing.

I am crocheting a lot as well. I do small hats and scarfs for a group in my apartment complex. The stuff we finish we donate. I get some chatter time with a few ladies and it keeps my fingers moving. I seem to be quite the crocheter. I’ve been able to knit at least one beanie per day while watching South Park. 

My thoughts today are mostly on survival. After seventeen years of dealing with vasculitis and kidney disease, I’ve learned that I survive better when I feel I have a purpose.


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  1. We all are healthier and survive better if we have a purpose. I do hope your little doggie gets well. Sending prayers for your sister. I Tweeted, but it said I had already done so. Write on.

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