Happy New Year 2020

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Happy New Year!!! Wishing you all success and happiness this year.

I went through my resolutions of last year and the only one I managed to do was to move out of my last apartment. So my writing goals died a violent death last year. Even Nanowrimo lasted about a week for me before I started to have other health problems.

I’ve been thinking about why my writing didn’t go well last year. I can blame a number of experiences of last year including a couple deaths of people close to me or I can blame my health and fatigue, or even the dying of my computer, but I won’t.

Today, I think my main goal is to write every day at least 250-500 words. My second resolution is to write a series, which means more than three books in the same world. I have three stories that have been bugging me. They are in a world of violent change when two dimensions are thrown together due to the  Hadron Collider research. The world that is taking over our industrial world is an agrarian world of magic. I guess that I am writing about the clash between cultures. And yes, hybrids.

Sarah A. Hoyt wrote a post Welcome to the Year of Go Big or Go Home.  If you are another writer, she has had an epiphany about indie publishing. I am going to take her advice. It is to write series of short books in the same world. Indie publishing is now the pulp fiction of publishing. I think that is a good thing.

Plus I like the thought of writing pulp fiction. I read a lot of it growing up. So I will start with small goals and hope that my health problems will not interfere in what I am trying to do this year.

So make your goals and have fun this year. That’s what I’m going to do.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2020

  1. Happy New Year! I loved pulp fiction while growing up. I even read one of my older brother’s magazines from the 1930’s. We both wept when Mama burned them before moving from the farm to town. In a way, you could say my novels and anthologies carry on that tradition. They certainly are not literary. Go for the series in the colliding worlds. Sounds similar (but not completely) to the one I just started, and no, my worlds are not colliding. They just interacted briefly. Happy New Year! May it be filled with blessings and lots of writing.

    • TY and wishing you a Happy New Year Mari. This last year was not a good year for writing. I’m looking forward to a restart. It’s interesting that we are going with the same idea although you are right … mine is going for a much bigger bang. Good luck for your next writing endeavors.

  2. Happy New Year Cyn. I just published my fifth novel and am taking a break as 2019 was a really tough one on many fronts. 2020 has to be better. I hope it’s better for you, too. Hugs.

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