Nanowrimo Day #1

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I’m sitting in my new craft-slant-writing room.

Foxy is sitting in her baby blue flannel dog bed, listening to my Nanowrimo music that I put together in 2011. I still write best listening to a few of the songs that remind me of my Navy and Germany days like Heart and Sarah Brightman.

Eventually I’ll get a desktop for my day-to-day writing. Right now I’ve got a chrome notebook with a logitech keyboard. I haven’t gotten the knack for typing on a laptop keyboard. I keep hitting the search button with my little finger. I type better than I write with a pen. The other day while I was writing, I felt the pen fall from my right hand. I think the fall I had in early October caused some problems with my wrist. Oh well, I’m typing at the same rate of speed as normal.

Instead of listening to a podcasts, I don’t watch much normal TV anymore, I am listening to my own head. I’m tired of the nonsense in the news. I’m tired of it all. I’ll be glad when the presidential election is over “again.” Too much noise out there.

I noticed that when I feel my head with the “noise” that writing becomes more difficult. I was thinking the other day that I wish my writing was more like Anne Bishop. I reread her “Others” series about the class between humans and an older group of sentient species. Without giving much about the story, the sentient others look at humans as “meat.” The story is about how some humans were able to become more than meat to another group of others.

What makes her writing so appealing to me is that no matter what Bishop writes, I fall into the world she has built. I’ve read this series three times now, and I still can’t stop and critic how she writes. I am beginning to see that even the descriptions are written in the character.

I’ve been reading my entire life. I used to read Andre Norton as an early teenager. Those stories fit my life experience and gave me hope that one day I would live my life without being under someone’s authoritarian thumb… whether it was my parents or another human.

My late-hubby, even during my serious illnesses, was a partner and not a king. I was his partner and not a queen. There is a big difference between being in charge and pulling together in the same harness. We live in a world that is several degrees away from nature so we don’t have to be as cooperative as when we had to grow and kill our own food. Still cooperation is to me the better way to live.

It’s been a long time since I had to grow food and kill chickens. It has been a long time since I had to weed gardens and milk goats. So I am not nostalgic of past years. I am nostalgic of humans who are independent with a strength of mind to survive the hard knocks that are thrown at them.

So I as I write I hope that I can write at least half as good as Anne Bishop and Andre Norton so that someone else may be influenced to take charge of their own life and live that life with joy.

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  1. It’s wonderful that you are back to writing again. Like you, I’m a long time away from farm chores, although we didn’t have goats and Papa milked the cows. At least there is electricity in the house now. Enjoy your new apartment.

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