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So my talk with the GI doctor about the problems I had in December went well.

It looks like I need to do a CT scan again, which is not invasive, plus a blood test before I get into the colonoscopy business.

So far I am doing okay on the stomach front except I am still on a low FODMAP diet. I also need to stay away from seeds. I did try a little fiber recently, but it wasn’t a success. It felt like something was traveling around in my abdomen, seeing the sites and stopping at the rest stops on the way. In short, it was interesting. Also the doctor wants to make sure my colon has healed.

So that is the current problems I am dealing with now. I find when I am focused on medical things that I have a problem with writing. Anyway, I do have a short story that I am rewriting. It will be up soon.

To relax I am doing diamond painting. It is a nice way to pass the time and it keeps my mind from dwelling on medical issues that I cannot change.

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