So my computer had a spa week

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It’s been an interesting week.

My computer started crashing, yea I wrote a lot about it in that last post, and it got a new hard drive. I spent two days backing up data and reloading the factory software on this computer.

I do remember the days when the operating system was on 3.5 inch floppy disks. It would take hours to reload the os on the computer. I remember when I had an Amiga with no hard drive. You had to buy the hard drive as an accessory. I used to do games on it using the ram and a floppy. So yea, these computers today in less than twenty years are remarkable.

After I added my hard drive yesterday, I was still getting a squeal. When I did an eyeball inspection (yes, totally a technical term), it looked clean inside. So today it crashed again. This time I went back and did more than an eyeball inspection. I used a can of compressed air and realized that the heat sink and fan were hiding dust bunnies in it. If the CPU is not getting enough air, then that is another reason it is crashing. I pulled four dust bunnies out of a fan and heatsink that is no bigger than the size of the palm of my hand.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been a tech. I actually enjoyed it for a moment.

The high-pitched squeal is gone. I’ll have to remember to clean out the heat sink over the CPU. And if you don’t understand what I just said, I actually meant that I am now back to writing. My tech days are over for a few months at least.

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