Dandelion tea, cold Northern winds, and bright sun

Northern NV 2013

Northern NV 2013

We’ve had a Northern wind blowing through Boulder City, NV the last two days. This morning I was shivering enough that staying cuddled with Foxy sounded like a good idea.

But I need to get back to my goals for the coming new year – 2016, mainly writing. I know that I can write 500-1000 words a day without stretching or hurting my brain. So if I make a goal of 1000 words a day times 366 days for 2016 (yes, this coming year is leaping), I should be able to write 366,000 words this year. So if I keep to this schedule, I should be able to have four books in first draft by the end of the year. Unlike the last two years, I hope that I won’t be facing other catastrophic circumstances. My logical brain is telling me that I am probably not due for more of this pain for another five years. I am not sure that I can trust that brain of mine.

Of course this doesn’t include making covers, writing blurbs, doing my minimal advertising, and especially editing– But this is a good goal. I am looking at 7,000 fresh words written weekly.

During my sick time, I was watching David Amen’s program on the brain. Yes, it was on public television. He likes to do SPECT imaging of the brain to see if the brain is working properly. Many times the personality problems we see in people (high anxiety, depression, and even some mental disorders) are found by just looking at image of the brain. I’m not into having my brain scanned unless I really have a serious problem. However, I saw that he used the same system that I have used for years to accomplish my goals. There are four areas he suggests that we need to develop to keep our brains healthy.

The areas are Biological, Psychology, Social, and Spiritual. I know my weaknesses. I do have a chronic illness, which makes biology a weak point. However, I keep that under control using food, supplements, and doctors. It did surprise me that a test would show that I have anxiety. I am really good at hiding it– but there is anxiety underlying many of my actions. Meditation and quiet time really helps me to calm the anxiety. But I am stable in most of these areas except social.

Yes, I am an introvert. You know that loner that likes to watch people, but is very nervous when you invite her to join your group. That’s me. Introversion has a bad name in our society. We think because of Columbine and other tragedies that introverts are on a short fuse.

That myth is so far from the truth. Introverts have incredible imaginations. They are in all fields of the creative arts, science, and business. Not all of them are shy. It just means that they need to spend more time with their thoughts so that they can recharge.

Introverts can be socialized as long as you let them have down time. They are just fine and are contributing members of society. In my case, I know I have a weakness in the social area. I lost my entire social connection at the loss of my late-hubby. I really have a hard time building new connections and stable structures that involve other people.

It does help that I write. I can build people, worlds, and connections in my mind and through my fingers onto the blank screen. The emotional and psychological part of me find it satisfying when I finish a story. There are times when I am in the middle of it that I think “holy shit” this is not going the way it should.

So my two goals, write every day and build a social network. I think  this is going to be a full year.

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